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Installing asphalt roofing shingles on Columbus home

Shingles may be rated for a certain number of years by the maker, but this is accurate only if no events like substantial storms occur to harm the roof shingles. As a property owner, you need to get regular roofing evaluations to maintain your roofing’s good form and to avoid damage before it starts. As well as avoiding a substantial roofing repair work expense.

Protection and safeness are paramount! An extensive roofing inspection involves diagnosing and evaluating the roofing of either your residential or commercial structure to see if it is in need of a major repair, minor repair work, or an entire roofing replacement. Newer roofs generally only need minor repair work and improvements, while aging roofing systems generally need more significant services done and even a full replacement unit.

If we find that just a few roofing shingles are broken or missing, and/or if the roofing has only minor leakages, you most likely won’t have to change the entire roofing. Fixing any issues before they become worse is a preventive measure that can help your roofing last many years longer than the service warranty period, therefore saving you the expense of unnecessary roofing repair work or expensive replacement roofing installations.

Before buying a property, you need to set up a house inspection that consists of a roof inspection to ensure you can factor in the needed repair work into the expense of that property. Roofing evaluations can spot normal roof issues that result from weathering and aging and if there is any roofing leak repair work needed. They may or may not be covered by warranty.

For detailed roofing check-ups, call our Columbus crew. We cover all of Muscogee County and beyond. 

Examples of issues that can trigger leakages

Keep an eye out for the following:

  • Broken or missing roof shingles
  • Shingles buckling/curling
  • Shingle granules in gutter systems
  • Drainage issues
  • Leakages or cracks
  • Roof sagging or drooping
    Plants or moss development

Description of specific issues

An assessment of your roof by our Columbus {contractors|pros|experts|professionals may reveal the following:

Damaged flashing: Roof flashing is needed to keep your roofing from dripping any place you have a penetration arriving through your roofing, whether it’s a loft, window, chimney, or vent pipe.

If your flashing is poorly installed or worn out somehow, leakages can quickly emerge.

Wet spots on ceiling Brownish spots appear on your ceiling or water is dripping from the ceiling.

Missing Shingles: If roof shingles are old or incorrectly installed, strong winds can remove shingles.

Buckled roof shingles: Can be brought on by extreme wetness or the sheeting underneath the roofing buckling. Buckled roof shingles can quickly break down.

Missing Granules: Asphalt dries on older roofs. This causes the granules to be displaced. Granules protect roof shingles from direct sunlight.

Curling Shingles: The roof reinforcement can shrink, causing the roofing to curl. This generally occurs when shingles are close to their expiry date.

Needles and Leaves: Develops horrible appearance. Easy for moss and algae to root in and degrade roofs when needles and debris are left there.

Algae Discoloration: If algae are left on the roofing, their roots can lift granules, causing the roofing to wear down. It likewise creates a dirty blemish.

Curling shakes: The curving of shakes is brought on by faulty shakes or deteriorating shakes. Curling shakes can be effortlessly be ejected by heavy winds.

Cracking Shakes: Shakes become more fragile as they age since they lose their natural oils. This causes breaking.


Additional services delivered by our Columbus roofing contractors

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